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Handmaid Coalition is a non-profit political action group supported entirely by the generosity and hard work of volunteers. We are dedicated to unity and equality, and anyone who shares these beliefs is invited to join the Coalition.


You can help support Handmaid Coalition financially through one of the methods listed below, or by purchasing Coalition gear. All proceeds and donations go directly to sponsoring the Coalition’s valuable work and ongoing efforts across the country.


Costume Sponsor

Many hours of time and effort go into planning Handmaid Coalition events and the creation of costumes. Help support the Coalition by sponsoring a costume.  

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M'aidez donation

If you believe in what Handmaid Coalition does and want to help, we welcome and sincerely appreciate your support. 


All contributions, unless designated for a specific use like costume creation, go to enrich Handmaid Coalition efforts across the country. These efforts include grassroots organizing, policy watch and advocacy, communication and training tools such as The Handmaid's Guide, infrastructural resources and building organizational partnerships locally and nationally.