There shouldn't be


There shouldn't be

When a 6-year-old is molested by her 15-year-old cousin her mother's response shouldn't be "these things happen" and "it happened to me, too". 

When a 10-year-old is the smartest in her school she shouldn't be discouraged from joining math league, science club and Odyssey of the Mind. 

When a 15-year-old is raped, her family shouldn't be allowed to sign consent for her to marry her 32-year-old rapist to alleviate the stigma of rape. 

When a 17-year-old gets pregnant she shouldn't be disowned by her family. 

When a 22-year-old changes her name to fit her gender, she shouldn't be deadnamed and fired by the company she works for.  

When a 27-year-old is in near constant long-term pain, she shouldn't be patronized as being histrionic. 

When a 32-year-old has worked at a job for 7 years, she shouldn't make less than the newly hired man in the same position. 

When a 36-year-old is pregnant and her baby will not survive outside the womb, she shouldn't be forced to carry to term. 

When a 41-year-old posts pictures of herself breastfeeding her child, she shouldn't be told those photographs violate FB community rules. 

When a 48-year-old doesn't get a text from her teenage son, she shouldn't have to worry that he may have been shot by the police. 

When a 54-year-old is the founder and CEO of her company she shouldn't be called sweetheart by someone half her age. 

I know all of these women. I am all of these women. 

I am a Handmaid. And now I will let my silence speak.

- Shannan Bisese

Emily MorganComment