Le Monde - "The Handmaid's Tale" brandishes the feminist banner

*Note - this article is featured in Le Monde and therefore in French, the excerpt below is a very rough translation of a very small portion. We are working on getting a full translation.*

A pious and terrifying society

Initially, the activists rented costumes. Then some began to sew. As the head of Action Together New Hampshire, a political movement born after the election of Donald Trump, Emily Morgan, 34, created on Facebook a private page in which to exchange sewing patterns, protest strategies, and organize.

The name? Handmaid Coalition, present today in forty-three American states. Handmaid Coalition, referring to The Handmaid's Tale - one of the first novels of Canadian Margaret Atwood, promoted to the rank of worship book. Prophetic, even.


*Note - this article is featured in Le Monde and therefore in French the excerpt below is a rough translation*

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