Handmaids Unite

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Sewing Group Makes A Statement

A Falmouth sewing circle is joining the ranks of women across the country, arming themselves with blood-red cloaks and white bonnets they make themselves.

Wearing the cloaks, referred to as “uniforms” and designed in the fashion of those worn by characters in Margaret Atwood’s novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and a recent Hulu television series, has become a form of protest when women’s rights are threatened.

The story is set in a society where women’s rights have been stripped away, and they have been turned into reproductive machines for the ruling elite.

The Falmouth group met twice over the summer to make robes and bonnets for a nationwide demonstration planned for October 14.

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Emily MorganComment
Le Monde - "The Handmaid's Tale" brandishes the feminist banner

*Note - this article is featured in Le Monde and therefore in French, the excerpt below is a very rough translation of a very small portion. We are working on getting a full translation.*

A pious and terrifying society

Initially, the activists rented costumes. Then some began to sew. As the head of Action Together New Hampshire, a political movement born after the election of Donald Trump, Emily Morgan, 34, created on Facebook a private page in which to exchange sewing patterns, protest strategies, and organize.

The name? Handmaid Coalition, present today in forty-three American states. Handmaid Coalition, referring to The Handmaid's Tale - one of the first novels of Canadian Margaret Atwood, promoted to the rank of worship book. Prophetic, even.


*Note - this article is featured in Le Monde and therefore in French the excerpt below is a rough translation*

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